How to Order a Show
Decide on script.

Re-read script. Make notes for:

Color Schemes
Montagues are in blues, Capulets are in reds.
Dance partners matched by  color.
Fast Changes
Gypsy Rose Lee in Gypsy.
Captain Hook needs brown judge's wig.
Rapunzel needs extra long blond wig.
Make-up and Facial Hair
Cyrano's nose, animal kits, handlebar mustache for villain
Costume Props and  Accessories
Gun, Gun belt, Pocket watches, Umbrellas, etc.
Specialty Costumes
Sally enters wearing a fur coat.
Annie's red dress
Character Cuts & Combinations
Same actor plays the Butler and the Cook, as the Butler.
Not doing the ballroom scene in My Fair Lady.
Script-specific Items and Costumes
Vest needs real pockets for prop.
Request Plot, Contract, Size Chart, General Information Sheet.

Receive Plot:

Look over Plot. Check for all your costume needs. Plots may not always list everything you want.
It is up to you to tell us  your needs. Not to be rude, but we don't read minds. If you want a blue dress we need to know.
Finalize Cutting
How you cut your script can greatly affect your costuming needs. Some costume changes  may become quick changes.
We may need a copy of your cutting.
Figure budget.
Until we've pulled the costumes, it is difficult to impossible to give an exact quote.
Nice day dress could be $50, $60 or $75 it will depend upon the dress fabrics, and accessories needed.
Size also dictates what can and can not be used.
This is why we tell you to figure on the high end of the price range.
Simply add up the high end prices for each costume.
If waiters are $75 ea. and you have 4, then: 4 x $75 = $300
Finalize costume list
Clearly and carefully mark plot.
Mark through costumes you do not need.
Circle pieces you do need.
Write down if you want to keep to the lower end of the price range.
Write down any other costuming notes you have.
Sample of a Marked Plot

Take careful measurements.

Be sure you understand how to take proper measurements.
If costumes don't fit because the measurements you provide are wrong there will be a charge to re-pull the costumes.
How to Take Measurements

Write clearly with pen (Blue or Black Ink), NOT pencil.
  Remember, when faxing, pencil and some inks do not fax clearly.

Fill out contract:

Be sure to fill out all blanks.
   Do not assume we have any information from previous shows; especially measurements.
Be sure to mark if you will pick-up the costumes yourself or you  want a UPS delivery.
Sign and date the bottom of the contract.  Must be sign by an authorized agent of the school.
If a contract is not signed, it is not a contract. We can not start your show until we have a contract and measurements.
Many schools require P.O. Numbers, We can not ship your show to you until we have the required P.O.

A Word about Phone Numbers:

We need to be able to contact you. We need correct Phone and Fax Numbers. At least two voice numbers are recommended. Direct line and a home or cell number. YES, we need your correct fax number.
When we call the school and have to leave a message it stops the pulling of your show. We have had many cases of us calling and leaving multiple messages only to have the director tell us later they never got any messages. Be sure we have a reliable way to contact you.
Send completed Contract, Measurement Chart, Marked Plot, Marked Cutting of the script and any other notes to:
        Costumes By Dusty
        324 Exchange Drive
        Arlington TX 76011
        (817) 548-5767
        Fax (817) 277-8889

The more information you give us, the better.

I have some design ideas I'd like to have built for my show. Can you help?

Yes, we can build costumes to you designs. Be aware this requires more time and cost.
Build to Rent: Costumes we build for your show that become part of our stock. Build to Rent starts at $150.00
Custom Build: Costumes we build for your stock Please contact us to set up an appointment to discuss your custom build needs. More Custom Build Information
How much time do I need to give you to do my show?
Four to six weeks is the normal amount of time required, However we may need more time during busy seasons [ UIL, Halloween] or if you have a lot of builds. Remember: We can not start your show until we have a completed contract and measurement chart.
I need to Add, Change or Cancel costumes, What do I do?
Contact us ASAP. DO NOT WAIT. Waiting until we are ready to ship your show to tell us of changes can serious hamper our ability to get your show shipped.
Costumes By Dusty
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324 Exchange Drive • Arlington Texas 76011
(817) 548-5767 • Fax (817) 277-8889