World War II

The whole world was reluctant to embark on another war of the scale of World War I; however, it became a necessity in the late 1930's.  The United States remained a neutral observer to the war in Europe until the bombing of Pearl Harbor.  Through tragedy and heartbreak and happiness and homecomings, people continued living their lives.  Rationing was an everyday hassle to contend with, belts could not exceed a certain width, purchasing clothes required ration coupons.  In the spirit of conservation (and much to many men's pleasure) skirts were more narrow and shorter than ever before.  Women wore slim skirts paired with silky blouses and boxy coats.  Many men joined the services and proudly wore the uniforms of their respective branch.  At home,working men wore pleated trousers paired with the ever-popular double-breasted coat.  Although largely remembered as a time of sadness and hardship, the war brought about many lasting and important changes to society.  Women entered the workforce in larger numbers than ever before.  Women on college campuses were no longer such a rare sight.  The world changed.  Costumes by Dusty carries a wide variety of forties themed costumes from swing kids to General Patton.  So for your next historical presentation or next Halloween appearance, keep this time of trouble and triumph in mind.