Most cultures are proud of their heritage, but none so fiercely as the Scottish.  A people whose history is plagued by battle and deception, the Scottish people cling to the past that made them the people they are today.  Often beset by troubles caused by their more powerful neighbors, the British, Scottish people fought long and hard to establish and maintain their cultural identity.  This evident as far away as America, where Scottish heritage is still fiercely defended.  The most distinctive part of the image of Scotland is the kilt.  Traditionally, it made up an everyday part of a man's wardrobe, but is now worn more for dress occasions.  Costumes reflecting Scottish heritage are delicately done at Costumes by Dusty.  No family tartans are used in rental stock, so no dishonor can be done to those families.  Instead, non-clan plaids are pleated into kilts to fit anyone from age one to one hundred.  For the ladies, Costumes by Dusty can provide a sash or Renaissance styled peasant dress in plaid.  Matching sets are also available and have been used in weddings and at Renaissance faires.  Much painstaking work has been done to preserve the traditional look of pleated kilts while making them comfortable and easy to wear.  Whether looking to impress a bonny lass or lad or simply trying to capture the essence of the Highlands, a Costumes By Dusty's kilt can make the occasion painless and attractive.  (Costumes by Dusty has a complete set of costumes for Brigadoon, for more information, see the Shows page.)