As a whole, people like to romanticize the past, in particular the Middle Ages. We have a picture in our minds of beautiful princesses in pointy hats being rescued by dashing men in shining armor. In truth, there were quite a few unattractive princesses in pointy hats and the men in shining armor were usually waging war on their neighbors, but the heroic image persists. At Costumes by Dusty, we would like to make you feel like the image you dream about and provide stage quality armor for rental. From simple chest plates to the Lancelot set, we can provide you with as much royalty as you desire. Made from lightweight materials, these pieces weigh much less than the originals and will allow you to look good without straining any muscles. In this popular time for Medieval and Renaissance themed events, you can make no more stunning entrance than in armor. So to sweep your damsel off her feet or impress your neighbors, come to Costumes by Dusty.