Show Girl

If visions of Las Vegas dance in your head, if Moulin Rouge is more to you than the name of a movie, if the Copacabana of the 1950's is familiar to you, or if you just like to look like all of the above are true, check out the showgirl costumes Costumes by Dusty has in stock.  From the elegant and delicate Tiffany Lamp showgirl to a Cancan dancer, Costumes by Dusty has a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional showgirl costumes.  Also in stock are sets of costumes appropriate for chorus lines and group productions.  Our showgirls have been used in the Miss Texas Pageant  and in productions ranging from the musical classic, Crazy for You, to fundraisers for local businesses.  For a fun and unusual Halloween or costume party look, showgirl costumes are also a nice change of pace.   Although most costumes are targeted to our female clients, there are also looks available for men, either to match showgirl costumes or for a masculine approach to stage shows.  Regardless of the reason you want a showgirl (or boy) costume, Costumes by Dusty has the look you want.  So practice your fan kick and dance you way into Costumes by Dusty.