The age of Byron and Shelley, the Romantic Era is noted largely for it literary achievements.  Based on the ideals of beauty and balance, the literature of the time opened up new ways of thinking about the world and changed the world of clothing.  A focus on nature brought about changes, especially in women's clothing.  Rather than the Empire styles, which were slim fitting and very high waisted, waistlines were less defined, but closer to the natural waist.  Though still short waisted, dresses were fuller in the skirts and corsets and petticoats were worn.  Necklines were more modest and caps and bonnets were popular.  Men's clothing changes less in overall appearance, but full legged trousers were seen for the first time.  Whites and creams were the common colors and they were still worn closely fitting, however, the emergence of long pants is significant.  Boots were common, but they were more commonly worn under pants legs rather than over.  The Romantic Era's styles are a transition between earlier Empire styles and the more familiar styles of the mid- to late-1800's.