Most of America is at least vaguely acquainted with a certain "Super Sexy Swinging Spy", popularized by a pair of movies in the past few years.  What they may have overlooked is the fact that people actually dressed like they did in the movies, or at least close to it.  As a sort of rebellion against the Jackie Kennedy/Chanel styles of mainstream fashion, Mod fashions were brighter, tighter and more daring.  A movement supported mainly by young adults, mod fashions began in England and made their way across the world.  The beginning of a counter culture which would escalate into the hippie movement, the mod dressers carried with them a message of hedonism and free love.  Garbed in short, tight skirts, women pushed the previously established limits of acceptability.  The mini-skirt was a threat to mainstream society and accused of causing all sorts of social disintegration.  Not to be left out of the movement, men wore pants and shirts of bright color and bold patterns and stripes.  Pants were tight and on the short side, think early Beatles, and often striped.  Many times, patterns and stripes were combined and stripes of matching color but discordant width were paired.  A far cry from the delicate and elegant fashions typified by Jackie Kennedy, the mod fashions popular at the same time pushed the boundaries and marked the move toward the social activism of the 1970's.