From elves to Klingons to "The Grinch", The Realm of Fantasy covers a lot of ground.  Costumes By Dusty can provide the proper apparel for the next role playing game, fantasy fair, or science fiction convention.  Costumes By Dusty  provides many costumes and make-up effects needed to make characters come to life.

Fantasy spans across time, place, culture, myths and beliefs. It draws from different parts of the world and the imagination of the dreamer. It can include the Gods and Demons, Camelot and Tartarus, Mermaids and Monsters.  Villains and Heroes include: werewolves, gypsies, vampires, Dr. Von Helsing, Headless Horseman, Icabod Crane, Klatu, Gort and other things that go bump in the night .  In the realm of Camelot where Arthurian Legend takes place, there are fairy folk, elves, wizards, trolls and dragons. Barbarians are known for their brute force and rugged looks, but ladies can take part as well.  From Lief Erikssen to Brunhilda, fierce or funny, Barbarians can be a look for everyone.

 After selecting the right costume, Costumes by Dusty can complete the look with a wide variety of make-up effects regularly available at our location. More personalized concepts can also be accomplished from Costumes By Dusty's stock of over 10,000 costumes.  For more information, feel free to contact us by phone or e-mail to discuss any concept you may have.  Costuming fantasy characters is challenging and exciting.  The only limit to your character is your imagination.  Costumes By Dusty is committed to trying to bring your image to life.