The world continued to look to France for fashion in the Enlightenment.  The era of Mozart and Madame du Pompadour, the Enlightenment was a time of social excess.  Marked by powdered wigs and sumptuous clothing, the Enlightenment is beautiful and fun.  Ladies' clothes are marked by colorful gowns of brocades and silks with wide hipped hoops under the skirts and tall ornamented wigs.  Lavishly trimmed in metallics and accessorized with chokers and gloves, clothes from this period are easily the richest in history.  Men's clothes were more tailored than those of the Restoration.  Moving away from the excessive use of ribbon as trim, Enlightenment clothing can be an easier look for the modern taste.  Complete with tricorne hat and lacy jabot, you too can wear the clothes of kings.