Jane Austen
The Empire style was made popular largely by the French monarchs Napoleon and Josephine.  A reaction to the extravagances of the Enlightenment, Empire clothing took on a more simple and subdued look.  Women's clothing was less restricting.  Free of the tightly laced bodices and huge hipped looks of the late-1700's, the dresses of the time were high waisted (hips were lost in the skirt and not emphasized at all) and simple.  Made of lightweight fabrics, dresses clung to the form for the first time in centuries.  Men's clothing was also more conservative.  Closer ever to the modern suit, men wore coats similar to modern tux tail coats with waistcoats and knickers.  Frilly lace jabots gave way to slop bow ties and rather than buckled high heeled shoes, riding boots were commonly worn.  Jane Austen wrote at this time and her characters--Emma, Charles Darcy, etc.--are exemplary examples of wealthy nobles of the time.