From King Tut to Cleopatra, the splendor and elusiveness of the Egyptian Empire of old has captured our imaginations into the present.  A complex society, Egyptians based their culture largely on worshipping death.  Centuries later, millions of dollars have been spent by people around the world to watch movies based on Egyptian mummies returning to life.  It is remarkable that a culture so far from the modern world continues to capture its imagination.  Costumes by Dusty has attempted to capture the mystery and romance of Egypt in its costumes while leaving a lot of room for fun.  From Cleopatra costumes to mummies, Costumes by Dusty has updated the fabrics and some of the construction of traditional Egyptian garments while maintaining the overall appearance we associate with the splendor of old.  Whether it's Antony's Cleopatra  or  your favorite black-and-white horror movie, Costumes by Dusty can give you the look you desire.