[ also known as the Hoop Skirt ]

The America of the 1850's was a country of expansion -- across the continent as well as industry.  Men built massive factories and managed huge plantations.  Self-made rich men built mansions for their families to inhabit.  Clothes and hats were imported from Paris and London.  Rich fabrics and exotic feathers found their way into the wealthy homes of the day.  Yet, as the country grew, problems which had plagued the country since its inception festered.  As the 1860's dawned, arguments over whether state rather than federal government was supreme eventually led to this country's Civil War.  The War Between the States is a black chapter in the history of this country, yet the opulence and emotion of the time surrounding it leads many to romanticize the period.  Beautiful women, dancing in hoop skirted dresses of silks and satins, and brave young men in dashing uniforms escorting these women to punch bowls or picnics are images not likely to fade.  The reality of the time and the contraptions required to make a Southern Belle are actually much less pleasant than the image formed by Hollywood; rather, our costumes are as period accurate while being incredibly easy to wear.  From ball gowns to riding habits, Costumes by Dusty has a wide variety of ensembles available for your next outing.  Gentlemen can choose from day wear, evening wear, and uniforms.  Frock coats and brocaded vests were dominant in a gentleman's day wear at that time.  For evening, a tux tail coat would be paired with a brocaded vest and tux pants.  Costumes by Dusty also stocks a variety of uniform looks for both the North and South, including the popular Confederate Calvary uniform.  So whether attending a Southern Belle Ball or attending a costume party, make the elegance and romance of the 1860's a part of your evening.