Swashbucklers and adventurers are the types of men one associates with the Cavalier period.  Inspired by French fashions of the early 1600's, this period is marked by the frequent use of lace and rich trims to accent dark colored velvets and brocades.  Although not a commonly known time period, such costumed favorites as Cyrano de Bergerac and the Three Musketeers are drawn from this time.  Men's costumes are distinguished by their tall boots and wide brimmed plumed hats.  Ladies' costumes are similar to Renaissance costumes, but are worn without hoops.  Necklines are different and frequently removable lace edged collars and cuffs were worn with both men's and women's garments.  A colorful and dashing time period, the Cavalier period could be an exciting way to make your next costumed entrance.