80's PromProm GirlLike, it's so totally 80's. Big shoulder pads, even bigger hair. The MTV generation ruled fashion for the young. It was a world where you could dress like your favorite hair band or Madonna.Styles from the past were reintroduced; anything from the Victorian look from Gunne Sax to the shirtwaist dress of the 1950's. Clothes exploded visually in neon colors for the Valley Girls and Bowheads while the Punk look, imported from Britain, focused on black and other dark colors. Punks wore leather jackets and pants with concert T-shirts. Their clothing featured rips and safety pins. As for the hair bands, big hair was a necessity. Both men and women wore tight leather pants in bold colors; such as red and purple. Madonna sported the layered look with mesh shirts and lace mitts. The "New Wave" look was born out of the punk movement, changing to outrageous clothes instead of leather. It featured long, unstructured coats in bold black and white patterns and sophisticated hairstyles. Working women went to the office wearing the "power suit," complete with big shoulder pads and floppy bows at the neck. Men could sport the "Miami Vice" look featuring white or pastel unstructured linen jackets. With the jacket, they wore pastel T-shirts and loafers without socks.

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