1970's man1970's Woman
The 70's were a time of great change and turmoil.  The Vietnam War continued to suck up lives and spark debate.  Woodstock was over, but hippies and yippees still wandered the streets.  The formality so loved in the 50's and early 60's was left behind in a glory of tye dye and bell bottoms.  The baby boomers dressed with a casualness, unfamiliar to parents of previous generations.  Business men were attired in butterfly collared shirts and very wide ties accompanied by suits with wide lapels and bell bottomed trousers.  Led by increasingly active women's rights groups, working women began the long climb to equality in suits of the sort seen on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.  Young people were seen in protests for everything from the every present Vietnam War to air pollution.  Clad in pigtails, peasant shirts, and bell bottom jeans women marched for equality and peace.  Young men joined them in the uniform of bell bottoms, T-shirts, and flannel shirts.  The 70's were a time of increased social activism unrivaled in recent years.  The idealism and innocence of the late 60's began to fade and cynicism and hedonism formed a strange partnership which would be fully realized in the late 70's disco movement.