Pulling out of the Depression and gearing up for war created an economic boom in the Forties.  However, conserving materials for the war effort kept clothing modest.  Suits for both men and women continued to be popular.  Following the lead of screen stars like Lauren Bacall and Katherine Hepburn, women's clothes were well tailored and form-fitting.  To help out the war effort, women entered the workforce en masse for the first time.  They also dealt with rations and regulations on things like material and the size of leather belts. Men, both in and out of the service, spent their playtime in suits.  Double breasted and worn often with wide legged trousers, the suits of the Forties are functional and attractive.  1947 saw a dramatic change in women's styles and the sleek suit of the forties gave way to fuller skirts.  The "New Look" continued to be popular in the next decade.