We've even costumed Puppets!

Cinderella Ballgown Glenda of OZ Queen

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What kinds of Puppets do you make?

Mrs ClausWe build our puppet heads and bodies out of foam and fabric. Our puppets have been costumed in an array of period and fantasy looks. We do not make the fiberglass puppet head and body but you may bring us existing puppets to costume or refurbish.


Scale is important when discussing puppetry. Keep in mind how big the fabric print is in relation to the size of the puppet. Also, carefully consider closure size, such as buttons.

What kinds of fabric should I buy?  How much fabric will I need?

These questions are difficult to answer without an initial meeting. A
concept will be produced and appropriate fabric types and yardages will be

PenguinHow long will this take?

All of our custom builds require four to six weeks for completion. The puppet will need to be left for this time period so that the costume fitted and attached. It all depends on the costume you have planned.Sister Mary Annette

How much will this cost?

It is difficult to discuss cost without a definite idea of the costume you want built. In your initial meeting, a cost estimate can be given.

What do I do now?

The first step is establishing a workable concept for the costume you want built. If you already have the puppet, bring it in so that we can measure it. Look at the library or in magazines or movies.  The world is full of inspiration. After this, schedule an initial meeting with our staff. You don't have to have a concrete idea of what you want in this meeting. Our staff can help you finalize your plans. Don't be afraid to bring in a stack of information or pictures. Any help you can give us to satisfy you is encouraged.  Lastly, try not to feel overwhelmed. Take your time and be organized. It's not as involved as it may seem.